Apple Packaging == Geek Porn

We bought my daughter a previous-gen iPod Shuffle for her birthday (pink, natch). My wife asked me to fill it with a playlist we'd made up for her so she could listen on the car journey we'll be taking too early to do it on the day, so I just opened it up.

I'm reminded of the "box" ad - PCs and regular electronics come in brown boxes, whereas Apple products are a beautiful experience from the moment you unwrap them.


The Star-Jump Plan

Before moving to Canada around 5 years ago, I was getting to be a bit of a bloater - just shy of 200lb. Most of that was down to my fondness for donuts being greater than that for exercise.

Shortly after getting here, I went on the Atkins diet, and within a couple of months, I was down to 165lb - and there I stayed for 4 years. Until this Christmas.

Maybe it was the lack of WoW, or maybe it was all those chocolates and that enormous turkey, but I was up around 180lb within a couple of weeks. Since then, I've been doing a decent amount of skiing, have been trudging through as much snow as I can when walking the dogs, and trying not to eat so much crap. Result: nothing.

A couple of weeks ago I decided, for reasons which escape me now, to start doing 100 star-jumps each morning. So far, I guess I'm at 1600 jumps done, and I'm down about 6lb.